While writing the weekly Church of Christ bulletin articles for my former homeĀ  congregation in Northern California, I wasn’t able to find many websites offering inspiration and ideas for my writing. I wanted there to be a site where I could go to read a few articles, and get some ideas for ones of my own. Also I wanted a site where I could find fully-completed, free-use articles that I could use for my weekly submission when (on the rare occasion) my “creative well” ran dry. Since I couldn’t find one that really addressed my particular wants and needs, I decided to make one for the use of others.

The articles you will find on this site are free for all to use as inspiration, edification, and free for non-profit publication (all I ask is that “ChristianLivingArticles.com” is given credit).

Please enjoy this site, share it with others, bookmark it, link to it, and use it as your Christian needs dictate. This non-denominational online resource was created, and is designed specifically for all who seek a closer walk with God.

–Paul Seely